CSC Annual Issue @ Prelims 2017

Be PT Ready on June 18th

Civil Services Chronicle has come with the annual issue just before your Prelims 2017.

It has a comprehensive collection of all that happened in the past months that could be useful for Your examination. The issue is recommended for all those aspirants who are preparing for UPSC. The book is also recommended for students going for State PCS, Banking and other SSC level examinations.

If UPSC Prelims would be having 100 questions than one can be sure that this issue with the other Specials for PT would cater-for three-quarter of all the MCQs

The text is spread in every dimension covering each aspect of the National and International News of importance as is being defined in the UPSC Syllabus for Prelims.

The Content is updated till the first week of May. To give an example; we have covered everything from examination point of view from the starting of this year till the release of the Swacchta Index 2017 which was released on 5th April.

Apart from the general coverage of everything that could be of any importance from the Prelims point of view we have also covered news and events from varied sections.

Some of the sections from which the Current awareness and General Studies based news has been covered are:

  • India on the Move: In this we have covered all the developmental news including any Government Policy decision for promoting the Welfare-State model. It has latest updates as far as the factual information regarding any new initiative taken by PM Modi or by his government. The text is interspersed with boxes and graphics so that it becomes easy to remember and to recall once you see the options given in the MCQ questions of PT.

  • From the Flora & Fauna: Ecology & Environment is the lynchpin of CSE-PT. This issue has been emphasized with all the details as far as this domain is concerned vis-a-vis Prelims. From directives and decisions by NGT to the Environmental NGO and international ecological diplomacy post President Trump has been covered thus making you score well in those 25 questions out of 100 which come in Prelims from this subject matter.

  • Hanging Issues & On the Treadmill: This portion has all those issues which is still under debate whether that be ASER study or that be PARA - Pubic Sector Asset Reconstruction Company. We have also marked some of the more important issues like NPA as the potential question for Prelims 2017.

  • Constitution & Governance: This portion has every aspect to do with the Concurrent of the Polity & Governance. Reading this with all its updates would make you exam ready as far as those 15-20 questions which comes from this domain.

  • India & World: The diplomatic aspect of India is covered in this portion and this caters to those 5-8 questions which comes from this area. The content is most updated and many factual are given in mnemonics form so that in less minutes you do more MCQs correctly.

  • Astronomy & Universe: As more and more dimensions of space research is happening with Indian ISRO also playing emphatic role this domain is also gaining traction as far as UPSC is concerned. We have provided the most current factual without getting into the scientific details and other nitti-gritties so that if any question comes from this portion you are entooled to do it correctly. Further the content for this portion has also been given in a very terse manner so that you do not waste time at this crucial juncture of your preparation.

  • From the Wider World: This covers the geopolitical dimensions of the world at large which has some repercussions for India whether that be OBOR or that be the sustenance of COP 21 Paris agreement post Trump. This portion sometimes becomes very important and crucial for PT and is also differentiating factor for your success as the portion is mostly conceptual. We have tried to cover this in the manner that is more suitable for your good score in Prelims.

  • From the Ministries: All the official gazette information and notifications with facts has been covered regarding various plans undertaken by Ministries. Being short and concise this portion makes you to correctly mark those 5-8 questions correctly in the exam.

  • Census and Indices @ 2017: This portion has a summarized format of all the index and Census information whether that be NFHS-IV data or HDR report or the report from WEF, IMF, WB, Amnesty International or Transparency International.

So, it is a must-buy as it also has content structure which defines and emphasizes any news which has a certain probability of coming in the PT 2017. This has been done by the vast experience of more than 25 years which Civil Services Chronicle has in this domain coupled with a detailed analysis of past years questions from Prelims of UPSC.

To sum up this CSC Special is a must buy for everyone to make you exam ready for June 18th 2017.


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